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About us

Why Adventures with Shalom?

At SHALOM ADVENTURES, we are passionate about what we do and therefore, onvision all activities, your safety is paramount and equipment is provided to ensure you receive the best and safest guidance available. We are proud of our record of operating successful and enjoyable expeditions in Maharashtra’s mountain ranges. Let our experience be your guarantee of an unforgettable mountain adventure of excitement and achievement.

Adding strength to the expeditions is our Instructors who are high-qualified professional individuals, who are experienced guide and instruct in mountain ranges. Our pre departure service ensures that all our clients are properly prepared for the adventures ahead. In the field, each of our groups is led by an experienced mountaineer dedicated to maximizing your enjoyment of the travel experience with the help of top quality camping & climbing equipment.We can cater for all client groups from Adventure Breaks, corporate courses, instructional courses or private guiding.

Finally, my aim is to have expeditions geared towards providing you outdoor mountaineering education, technical skills with a blend of quality experience through every level of our operation. My team and I have a ‘can do’ attitude and an emphasis on your enjoyment and satisfaction.

Vision Of Shalom Adventures – “NOSP”

Our Vision is to encourage Natural (N) Habitat for adventure lovers and Organize (O) camps toSupport (S) mountaineer is by Providing (P) a base for expeditions for mountaineering adventure.

We are:
NNature lovers
S - Supportive
P-  Provide valuable service.

Founder Info:

Late Mrs. Betty Benny Joseph Welfare Society has an extended bough by the name of Shalom Adventures dedicated for the preservation and protection of the environment. Shalom Adventures is an adventure club striving to introduce the urban population to the serenity and beauty of nature through various adventure activities for all age groups through out the year.

It is managed and organized by Miron Joseph the son of Mrs. Betty Benny Joseph. A seasoned mountaineer with technical expertise acquired through 15 years of experience by undertaking various expeditions and organizing various adventure activities like trekking, rappelling, white water rafting, etc.

He has also achieved a milestone by setting a Limca record by rappelling 1100 feet in one go at Kokan Kada cliff. He plans to conduct many adventure activities in the near future which will be prove to be thrilling and exhilarating to the layman who are stuck in the mundane routine. Through which he aims to make people aware of the magnificence of the nature and the need for preserving them.

Our Team

We have selected a dynamic team of supportive, resourceful, experienced and highly organised people to lead our trips.

We have enormous respect for our program and group leaders. They are inspiring people with extensive experience in the countries we visit, who share a deep respect for the people and cultures, a fascination with local history, and an awareness of contemporary issues and politics.Our group leaders are people in whom you can trust, who remain objective whatever the circumstances, and who take a genuine interest in your wellbeing and safety. They implicitly understand the importance of balancing the needs of individuals with group objectives, facilitating group dynamics, inspiring a genuine appreciation for the areas visited and an awareness of minimum impact travel ethics. All of our leaders are trained in wilderness or remote travel first aid, group leadership and risk assessment/management.




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